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AAA Oilfield Consulting promotes a non-smoking environment at the workplace. We promote and utilize a designated smoking area. AAA Oilfield Consulting has a Substance Abuse Program for its employees and sub-contractors (Consultants). Our Substance Abuse Program encompasses a Pre-Employment drug screen, Random drug screen, Post Accident and Suspicious Behavior.


AAA Oilfield Consulting cares about the environment and our local areas. Our work ethics encompass spill prevention, spill containment, proper clean up and reporting. We strive to work together with the Operator, Drilling Contractor and Service Companies to minimize the impact our operations have on the Environment. We believe in 0 spills. We encourage our supervisors to meet and work together with the Operator and Land Owners for immediate concerns and possible future concerns.

  • AAA Oilfield Consulting promotes Safety First Attitude at the worksite and in everyday life.
  • In order to work for AAA, supervisor must have a WorkSafeAttitude.
  • AAA supervisors are all SAFELANDUSA certified at an OSHA accredited training seminar.
  • AAA supervisors are all Wild Well Control trained in Supervisor Surface Stack certified and accredited by IADC.
  • At AAA Oilfield Consulting we strive for excellence in our field and Safety is part of our Work Ethics.


AAA Oilfield Consulting subcontracts Safety Services Company as our safety correspondent. SSC has the resources of information to compose Industry leading safety oriented standards which AAA Oilfield Consulting utilizes. We believe in the Stop Program which most of our industry uses. We attend and lead Safety Meetings and promote reviewing Operational status, Safety related topics and Critical JSA reviewing. We encourage and promote all personnel to be involved at the safety meetings. We promote all personnel on location to be involved and express their opinions and views on Safety and Operations.

AAA concept is a simple concept, we believe in prevention not reaction. This we promote on our well sites for all Operations.

AAA SafetyNet…

AAA is committed to a standard of high safety involvement and leadership. We have incorporated AAA SafetyNet to our supervisors to lead and share Safety related incidents and operational incidents within our group of well site Supervisors and Rig personnel. We believe that sharing and reviewing this information will lead and promote better work environment and deliver efficient operations on our well sites.


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